Enrich Your Breakfast With A Smoothie Drink

Smoothie can be said a complete drink which can easily be your breakfast as well. You can get various types of nutrients by having a fruit and veggie rich smoothie. There are many types of recipes available by which you can make this drink mouth watering. Gone are the days when you have to take bitter drinks of various vegetables in order to stay fit and healthy. Now you can also add taste to your diet without any problem. The only thing that you will need for this task is a good smoothie machine in your house. Prepare smoothie at home and serve it fresh for the best results.

There are many recipes famous for adding the new flavors to the smoothie. A healthy breakfast can make your day amazing and you can stay energetic the entire day. Here we are going to explain an amazing recipe. You can easily prepare a good smoothie at home with the help of your smoothie maker with this.

The ingredients that you will need are listed below

–    2 scoops vanilla

–    One cup unsweetened almond milk

–    One cup frozen peaches

–    Half cup froze pineapple

–    Half cup banana

–    Two cups kale

–    One tablespoon ground flaxseed

For the best taste

The above-mentioned ingredients are available easily but make sure that you are using only the fresh fruits and other ingredients for the best results and taste. Preparing them by your own in your smoothie maker is the best thing. It is good to process them into a smoothie maker. Other types of home appliance can hardly make them enough smooth.

Preparing quickly

The above-mentioned recipe is a great source of nutrients and vitamins. You can serve this twice in a day. In case you don’t have so much time in the morning for the breakfast than you can quickly prepare this for your smoothie maker.

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