Different Types Of Lipsticks

There are several different types of lipsticks available in market with different shades varying from black to light pink and peach. Below are a few types of lipsticks with different qualities and properties that you can use as per your need.

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1. Moisturizing lipsticks

As the name suggests, this type of lip products is used to keep lips smooth and soft. It helps in moisturizing lips. The main ingredients used are glycerin, Aloe Vera, vitamin A and E. It also gives a shiny look to your lips.

2. Cream lipsticks

This type of lipsticks are often used by women with small lips. They do not have a shiny look but it is quite smooth. If you want to get the shiny look you can use gloss after applying a cream lipstick. Unlike other lipsticks, it contains large amount of wax.

3. Frosted lipsticks

This kind of product makes your lips glisten and sparkle. This happens because it reflects light which results in shiny looking lips. Always moisturize your lips before using frosted lipsticks. 

4. Lip Gloss

Most women like to use lip gloss especially those who has small and thin lips. Gloss gives shiny look to your lips and makes them look bigger. You can also combine a traditional lipstick with lip gloss.

5. Lip crayon

It is an alternative product for lipstick; women who want a matte finish usually apply lip crayons. The main benefit of using a lip crayon is that it lasts longer than most lipsticks. Moreover, you do not have to apply lip liner with it. These are easily available in the best mineral makeup collections.

These are some types of lip colors that you can use to enhance your looks.